CLIENT: Silveredge
LOCATION: Westchester, IL

When the owner of SilverEdge Consulting approached us, her goal was to create a modern space that was still warm. We were able to realize her vision by incorporating interesting textures, measured bursts of color, and organic touches inspired by her request for white and walnut.

I have worked with Newman Architecture for 15 years or more. Dawn explains issues clearly and listens well to our needs. She will visit our existing space and make note of improvements that I never considered. It is uncanny how well she can predict furniture and finishes that I will love. I really appreciate her ability to cut costs when needed, yet advise us to spend money in other areas. I cannot imagine space planning and finishes without her help. Most of all, her professionalism is always present with every person involved with the project. The BEST!
Ms. Susan Boers, President