CLIENT: CompuSystems
LOCATION: Downers Grove, IL

As a respected partner to the international tradeshow industry, CompuSystems understands the importance of brand identity more than most firms. Just as they were undergoing a rebranding of their own, they enlisted Newman Architecture to assess several prospective locations—conducting fit plans and need evaluations for their new Chicagoland offices.

With the ideal space selected, the rebranding phase could begin. Corporate hues splashed as accents to a neutral palette, high-tech contrasts of dark and light, an otherwise monotonous ceiling broken up by channels of color….all communicating a fresh new brand.

We had a client in the building yesterday, and we gave him a tour. He was literally speechless. After the tour, he said he visited the offices of Microsoft, Google, and eBay, and our new office was as good or better than all of them. How about that?!
Mr. Chris Williams, President