Montparnasse Restaurant

CLIENT: Montparnasse Restaurant
LOCATION: Naperville, IL

Restauranteur Jean-Paul Eskenazi came to Newman Architecture with his selected dinnerware in hand, and asked if we could design his new prestigious French restaurant. It was to be located in an abandoned boiler room in a loft building in Naperville, Illinois. Excited by the challenge, our staff worked to incorporate the colors of his dinnerware into the colors of the sponge painted walls, the scallops in the dinnerware were duplicated in the design of the hand railings to the mezzanine, and a French street scene was recreated in the walk from the entry into the dinner room. The old boiler plate was relocated and highlighted to offer indirect lighting for the dining room and the old boiler stack was converted into a coat closet. The restaurant opened to rave reviews for the excellent cuisine as well as the exciting dinning atmosphere.