CLIENT: El Balin Community Primary School, and Toyos Community Primary School
LOCATION: Toyos, Honduras

Toyos Community Primary School

Toyos Community Primary School was completed in Toyos, Honduras in November of 2016. It was designed with community participation to serve 350 children, and serves as a model for delivering community based schools in developing countries. It is located on the side of a “mountain” in rural Honduras, and includes 10 classrooms for grades K-9. As is the case with all SCW schools, the school is designed to be earthquake and hurricane resistant, and meets most ADA accessibility standards, including accessible toilet facilities and ramps to each level. Toilet facilities include running water for flushable toilets and sinks.

The community is currently working on raising funds to build a secondary school that will include vocational education.

El Balin Community Primary School

El Balin is a primary school designed with the community to replace a school severely damaged by an earthquake. It includes classrooms for Pre-K – 9th grade. Like all other schools, all facilities are accessible for the physically challenged and are designed to be earthquake and hurricane resistant. It is designed to serve 365 students.

SCW has added to or built new school in over 100 communities in Honduras since 1997.