CLIENT: Basile Moreau Secondary School, Lycée Anacaona Secondary School, and Ti Plas Kazo Community School
LOCATION: Carrefour, Léogâne and Port au Prince, Haiti

Basile Moreau Secondary School

SCW was hired by The University of Notre Dame to design this replacement secondary school to replace the pre-existing school that collapsed during the earthquake in 2010. This school was designed to be a new model secondary school for Catholic Education in Haiti. It includes 12 classrooms serving 3 sections of grades 10-13 for a total of 432 students.


Ti Plas Kazo Community School

Ti Plas Kazo Community school was designed to serve a very challenged community in Port au Prince Haiti. Many of the families it serves are still living in tents after the earthquake in 2010. The school is designed to be fully earthquake and hurricane resistant. All 14 SCW schools in Haiti served as a refuge for families in the area during the most recent hurricane. It includes 6 classrooms for grades 1-12 and operates in two shifts. The kitchen and dining room serves over 500 meals each day to the local community.


Lycée Anacaona Secondary School

Lycée Anacaona Secondary school was designed to replace the secondary school in Léogâne, Haiti that was destroyed by the earthquake in 2010. It currently serves over 2,000 students each day and is considered one of the top secondary schools in all of Haiti.